Passwordless Web 3.0 & Web 2.0 Authentication Platform for Developers

Authenticate your users by integrating API for a robust, smooth and secure experience. Eliminate friction and frustration due to passwords and reduce your bounce rate while improving cybersecurity.


Delight your users with our API & SDK for Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 Authentication

Create a fantastic & smooth user experience with cripsa's passwordless login approach and eliminate the most significant friction point in the user experience.


Removes password-based authentication with Just one click

Passwords may pose security risks and increase user drop off. Use to provide one-click login to your customers for a safe and smooth experience. No more failed logins.

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One Time SMS OTP to log in a secure and easy manner

Login using your phone number on any device with a SMS Passcode. Changes your mobile login experience completely in a simple, fast and secure way.

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Avoid logged out experience by using embedded magic links in your user interactions

Provide a smooth and seamless user experience to improve retention while your users navigate through their E Mails and SMS Inbox.

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Let your users Sign up with a simple one time passcode in a secure manner

Users can take advantage of Email Passcodes on both mobile and desktop for authentication. No need to remember E mail passwords anymore.

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What people say about us

No more security hurdles for the end users, our <cripsa> approach eliminates the most significant friction point in the user experience- the passwords


Authentication Platform for Developers