Leveraging cripsa’s backend systems

The power of integration

Cripsa’s user session management, for a smooth and secure user experience within your applications. Our robust set of tools and APIs enables users to access your services without the hassle of repeated logins while maintaining data security.

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Cripsa’s session management API suite

Supercharge Your App's Session Management with Cripsa!!

Unlock the potential of advanced session management using Cripsa's cutting-edge APIs.


User session management reduces the need for repeated logins, offering a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Cripsa Inc offers three types of tokens: Access Token, ID Token, and Refresh Token, each serving a unique purpose.

Utilize the dedicated API endpoint provided by Cripsa Inc to seamlessly refresh the Access Token without requiring frequent logins.

Access and ID Tokens expire daily. However, they can be refreshed using the Refresh Token for up to 30 days.

Access the provided code URL and click on "Sign up" to initiate the user registration process.

The code is valid for single use. If lost, the user should close the session and log in again to generate a new code.

Utilize the API endpoint provided by Cripsa Inc to verify the validity of an Access Token.

Cripsa Inc offers various API endpoints, including token retrieval, verification, user information retrieval, and more.

The Refresh Token itself expires after 30 days, limiting the extension of user sessions beyond that period.

Access the provided URLs for detailed API references, guidance, and best practices for user session management.

Unlock the Power of Effortless User Sessions with Cripsa Inc Backend Systems. Elevate your user experience, enhance security, and streamline access management.