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06 Feb 2022

High time to adopt passwordless authenti...

Reports from the last decade predicted the world would be managing 300 billion

06 Feb 2022

Forget the Password Reset Flow as You Kn...

For those still using password-based authentication, implementing a password

06 Feb 2022

Building the future of authentication

We’re on a mission to eliminate friction on the internet while improving security.

06 Feb 2022

Engaging users with embedded authenticat...

Embeddable Magic Links are a massive step forward in helping us achieve our mission

06 Feb 2022

Authentication vs. Authorization?

Authentication and authorization serve very different purposes

06 Feb 2022

Importance of refresh tokens and session...

A refreshing approach to refresh tokens and session management

06 Feb 2022

API: New wave of cloud application integ...

API stands for application programming interface. The key word here is “interface,”

06 Feb 2022

Cyber Attacks: How to protect your apps ...

A cyber attack is any attempt by a malicious actor (often called a cybercriminal

06 Feb 2022

What is MFA Multi-Factor Authentication...

Multi-factor authentication is a layered approach to confirming a user’s identity