Whats App Create Project

This API is used to create a WhatsApp project with 'https://api.cripsa.com/v2/whatsapp/createproject' API endpoint and with specific configuration details, and it uses the organization ID for authorization.

Whats App Sign-In

This is used to make an API request to 'https://api.cripsa.com/v2/whatsapp/signin' for WhatsApp sign-in or authentication with specific parameters like " Environment, Phone Number, Client Id, client secret, Domain, user pool ID, and user pool domain provided in the request body.

Whats App Response To Auth

This API is used for WhatsApp authentication response with API endpoint 'https://api.cripsa.com/v2/whatsapp/response' . The parameters used are " Phone number, Domain, OTP, session ID, client ID, and client secret".

Whats App Delete Project

This API is used to delete a whatsapp project using the 'https://api.cripsa.com/v2/whatsapp/delete' API endpoint.