Whatsapp (TOTP) Workflow


This document outlines the step-by-step process for customers to integrate a WhatsApp Login Screen into their homepage, enabling end users to access the customer portal after successful login. Prior to this integration, the Client/Development team is required to complete the following tasks:

Integration Process:

Follow these steps to incorporate the WhatsApp Login Screen into the homepage of the customer:

Step 1: Access Developer Dashboard
  • Log in to https://cripsa.com using the registered developer credentials.
  • Navigate to the WhatsApp section and access the Developer Dashboard.
Step 2: Project Selection
  • Select the desired project from the available list or create a new project specifically for the WhatsApp Login Screen integration.
Step 3: Obtain Required Information
  • Gather the necessary information from the selected project, such as UserPoolId, UserPoolDomain, ClientId and ClientSecret.
Step 4: Develop WhatsApp Login Screen
  • Utilize the obtained information to create and implement the WhatsApp Login Screen on the customer's homepage by using API endpoints whatsapp-signin and whatsapp-reponseToauth.
  • Ensure the login screen adheres to the recommended security practices and guidelines.
End User Portal Access Process:

Once the WhatsApp Login Screen is successfully integrated, end users can follow these steps to access the customer portal:

Step 1: Visit the Customer Homepage
  • Go to the customer's homepage, where the WhatsApp Login Screen is now available.
Step 2: Login with WhatsApp
  • Click on the WhatsApp Login option and authenticate using WhatsApp credentials or Two-Factor Authentication (TOTP).
Step 3: Portal Access
  • After successful login, the end user gains access to the customer portal.
  • The end user can now utilize various functions within the portal that require authentication through the WhatsApp Login Screen.

Create Project through Cripsa

Login to Cripsa Dashboard by using email account

One Login SAML Image-1

One Login SAML Image-2

Once logged in Create project for Whatsapp.

One Login SAML Image-3

Fill all the details. All the fields are required.

One Login SAML Image-4

Click on “Create Project”.

Note down all the information which will be needed to develop whatsapp-signIn Screen.

Development team action Workflow

The workflow for Developer to develop the Sign-In screen is as follows:

One Login SAML Image-4

After integrating the Login or Sign-In screen into the Home page of the Customer Portal, users can seamlessly initiate their registration process in the user database managed by Cripsa. By leveraging this functionality, they gain access to various features of the Customer Portal that require authentication.

User Registration and Getting Access Token Workflow

The illustrated diagram outlines the registration and authentication process designed for end users accessing the Customer Portal. It depicts the sequence of events for users logging in, authenticating through Cripsa, and subsequently utilizing the various functions available within the portal.

One Login SAML Image-6

Detail workflow of Whatsapp

The detailed diagram presents comprehensive information about the step-by-step process involved in configuring WhatsApp (TOTP). It outlines the sequential execution of necessary actions during the entire configuration procedure.

One Login SAML Image-6